Friday, October 01, 2010

Florey's Books selected for Pacifica Small Business Neighborhood Renovation Program

Pacifica Tribune
Posted: 09/30/2010 06:00:00 AM PDT

Aaron Schlieve and Pacifica's very own Florey's Books has been selected to be the recipient of the Pacifica Small Business Neighborhood Renovation Program. This is the second annual program sponsored by Wells Fargo in partnership with San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson, City of Pacifica Economic Development Committee, Job Train, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and Philanthropy by Design. The program will provide $3,000 plus professionals and students to redesign storefronts and/or interiors with the goal of helping small businesses increase visibility, marketing, and visual merchandising.

Schlieve will be required to:

Work collaboratively with a design professional and student volunteer.

Participate in a minimum of four marketing and business growth workshops.

Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours with the renovation (e.g., painting, demolition work)

Meet with the design team to discuss design plan, project or necessary changes.

Complete pre- and post- survey that demonstrates the impact the program has on the business.

Encouraged to apply by Mayor Pro-tem MaryAnn Nihart, Schlieve worked with Courtney Conlon, CEO of the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce to complete the application process. "Aaron expressed excitement from the beginning. I just knew this would be perfect for him as a young business person." Conlon said. "He will really make use of this opportunity."

All completed small business renovation projects were reviewed and judged by a panel of senior managers, interior design industry representatives, and community leaders. Sue Vaterlaus from the Pacifica Economic Development Committee participated in the review process. "It was incredibly rigorous and very informative with businesses from Pacifica, Daly City, and unincorporated North Fair Oaks as this year's focus. Florey's scored very high. I am excited to be part of bringing this opportunity to such a deserving young businessperson and a Pacifica iconic business."

Schlieve began his orientation Sept. 16 and Conlon was slated to attend with him. "This is how it should work. Businesses, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Pacifica working together for everyone's benefit" said Nihart.


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