Thursday, October 23, 2008

November 1st author event! Holiday hours!

Please join us in welcoming local author Emmanuel Williams . He will be discuss his new book, 'Loving: Truths About Sex No One Told You'. As he says:

"Here’s a collection of stories from people all over the world, and here are some insights about sex that seem to make sense of these stories. The stories are very probably true (unless I call them a scenario). The insights should be taken as intuitions rather than statements of fact, or truths set everlastingly in reinforced concrete. It’s up to you what you make of them. I ask that you try not to react to them, but to take them in and ponder them, feel them out, match them up against your own experience and see if they fit, if they make sense to you.

Loving is not an abstinence manual. Written for young sexually active adults and for their parents; it's intended to help its readers make more conscious choices about their sex lives."

Mr. Williams will be here to meet you and discuss his book, Saturday November 1st. 2pm to 4pm. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Also, please note our new *Holiday hours*.

Starting November 1st, Florey's Book Co. will be open every day! In addition, our store hours will be extended, to 10am - 8pm every day. Come by and get your gifts and holiday orders in soon.

Thank you,
Aaron Schlieve
Florey's Book Co.
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