Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Thank You & September 2020 Update

Hello everyone. I hope you are all staying well during this crazy time. First, I want to thank all of you once again for the amazing support of Florey's. We are making it through this because all of our wonderful customers. You business is truly appreciated, more than ever. Thank you! As for September, I am going to continue to play it safe with the virus situation, and keep on with the curbside pick up for now. I too am eager to get people back in the store, but safe browsing and handling of books is a bit of a puzzle. I am being a bit more cautious than guidance from the new California state Blueprint for a Safer Economy suggests: I figure it is better to be safe than sorry, for all of us. So to review: 1. I am here at the shop every day from 10am to 6pm to handle email and phone orders, as well as curbside pick ups. 2. Direct-to-home orders are still available, but are generally quite a bit slower to arrive than a curbside pick up. ------------------------------------------- As a reminder, here are the details for ordering curbside or direct-to-home: First, I ask that you DO NOT include any payment info in your email or phone messages in the interest of data security. Also, there is a small shipping charge for direct-to-home, depending on order size, it is usually between $3 and $7, depending on weight. 1. Contact us with the title you are interested in via phone or email. Please remember to include your phone number! 2. I will get back to you with availability, and to work out payment and pick up or shipping address. 3. The order will be placed, and arrive at the shop as normal, to be picked up. Or,will ship directly from my supplier to your house. -------------------- Contact us here: (650) 355-8811 or -------------------- Thank you again to everyone who has reached out, called, emailed, or ordered from us. I truly appreciate the support. Stay home, stay safe, and stay well! Aaron Schlieve Florey's Book Co. 2120 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044 (650) 355-8811