Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Book November! - Three Events!

Florey's Books invites you to three separate events during November. First off:

***Thursday, November 12th at 7pm***
***This event is taking place at the Sharp Park Library. 104 Hilton Way, Pacifica.***

Sara Zarr, young adult author and Terra Nova graduate, will talk about her new book "Once Was Lost". Her first novel, "Story of a Girl" takes place in Pacifica! Florey's will be selling copies of her books and a book signing will follow her talk.

Visit her web site:


***Saturday, November 14th, 2-4pm***
At Florey's Book Co.

Local author June Ahern will discuss her novel "The Skye in June". It is a coming of age story about the MacDonald family and their youngest child, June, who has an uniqueness that attracts unusual people: she's fey prophesies an old gypsy.

The story unfolds in Glasgow Scotland with Cathy, the mother, riding in the back of a taxi on her way to the hospital to deliver yet another bairn (child.) Cathy defies her husband, Jimmy, by naming their newborn daughter June rather than after a saint, as was their Catholic tradition. Jimmy is furious saying the name is a pagan one. The decision sets the MacDonald's on a course that will ultimately threaten the family's very foundation...

Ms. Ahern will offer a free mini psychic reading with the purchase of the book.

Visit her website:

Finally, we welcome Derek McCulloch and Jimmie Robinson. The author and artist of childrens book "T.Runt!".

***Sunday, November 15th, 2-4pm***

T.Runt! is a dinosaur's story of growing up. Vegrandis was the runt of the litter and was always picked on by the larger tyrannosaurs...but everything changes once Vegrandis discovers he isn't the smallest animal - let alone dinosaur - in the world!

Visit the T.Runt Facebook:>

***Sara Zarr "Once Was Lost" Thurs Nov. 12th, 7pm at Sharp Park Library***
***June Ahern "The Skye in June" Saturday Nov. 14th, 2-4pm at Florey's***
***D.McCulloch & J.Robinson "T.Runt!" Sunday Nov. 15th 2-4pm at Florey's***

We hope to see you!

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