Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Dealing With Difficult People" author event Sat. February 6th!

Florey's Books invites you to meet local author Cheryl Joseph as she discusses her book "Dealing With Difficult People - It's a Zoo Out There"

***Saturday, February 6th, 2-4pm***

Ever feel like you have been attacked by a lion, poisoned by a viper, or confronted by a mule when you haven't even left home turf? If so, "Dealing With Difficult People: It's a Zoo Out There" is the book for you! Let's face it: whether it is your boss; teacher; spouse; coworker; parent; or best friend, people can sometimes be beastly. Written by a sociologist with many years in the corporate world, as a university professor, and a lover of animals, this book explores effective communication techniques by tenderly and humorously comparing stereotypic behavior of various animals to that of challenging people. Brimming with insight, this book also contains many attractive and colorful photographs of the animals it discusses, making it as enjoyable and fun to read as it is useful in any social situation where difficult people lurk.

Look for an interview in the Feb. 3rd Pacifica Tribune!

Come join us!
***Saturday, February 6th, 2-4pm***
Florey's Book Co.
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