Monday, July 01, 2013

"That is the Question" Shakespeare Boardgame Event with Game Designer John Ahlbach, Tuesday July 9th, 7pm!

Florey's Books welcomes local game creator John Ahlbach, and we invite you to join in and play his board game: "That is the Question: A Game of Shakespeare Knowledge".

***Tuesday, July 9th, 7pm***

About the game:

'That is the Question' is a fun journey through all things Shakespeare.

The game's 500 questions come with a multiple-choice option that players with less experience can use to level the playing field against those with more expertise. The questions cover the plots, language and characters of major and minor plays. They cover Shakespeare on stage and in film in our own time.

Knowledge and educated guessing do not always win in That is the Question. Luck must be with you, too, as you must land on the right spaces to win the two of each type of Character Card needed for victory.

So, when Juliet asks, "What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?", the answer is, play That is the Question with your friends or family!

About the author/creator:

John Ahlbach is a teacher at Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco. He wrote the 500 questions used in That is the Question: A Game of Shakespeare Knowledge. The game board and cards were designed by Mona Toft, a graphic artist in St. Paul , MN. Much of the profits from this game will go to Friends: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter, of which John is a co-founder.

For more information about Mr.Ahlbach and the game, please see his website:

We hope to see you!

***Tuesday, July 9th, 7pm***

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