Sunday, June 15, 2014

"A Shout-Out for Dyslexics" Book Event with Author Gina Mazzetti, June 22nd at Florey's!

Florey's Books welcomes local author Gina Mazzetti as she discusses her new book: "A Shout-Out for Dyslexics: The Emotional Side".

***Sunday, June 22nd, 2-4pm***

About the Book:

Dyslexia has affected many generations of Gina's family. After analyzing the experiences and learning patterns of her grandmother and several other family members, Gina has discovered ways to survive this disability. This book looks at the symptoms, behaviors, and effects of dyslexia and is handy for those experiencing this disability. However, it is also most helpful for anyone who parents, teaches, or is in a relationship with a dyslexic. With this work, Gina hopes to motivate and enlighten readers about this disability. Gina's stories give the reader insight into how dyslexics feel as they face their many challenges and as they struggle to love and accept themselves. The book unpacks the emotional trauma faced by dyslexics and provides suggestions for ways they can achieve and excel in their lives. Gina urges dyslexics to release their negative energy, let go of the limits they once felt, and create a life of fulfillment and success.

About the Author:

Gina Mazzetti was born in San Francisco, California, where she attended Mercy High School San Francisco and graduated as one of the salutatorians of her class. She is now in the process of receiving her bachelor's degree in communication studies at San Francisco State University. Gina has channeled all of her worst dyslexic moments into great triumphs as she is now a motivational speaker and a certified professional life coach. She currently speaks to parents, teachers, and students about her experiences living with dyslexia. She is an advocate for all people who struggle with the disability. She challenges dyslexics as well as nondyslexics to acknowledge their worth, set free the person they have always wanted to become, discover their purpose, and follow through on it. She is passionate about helping others to break the limits that have been placed on them and to stop the cycles of insecurity, victimization, and self-deprecation. Gina is known for her motivational skills, wise soul, outgoing personality, and strong work ethic. She strives to inspire dyslexics to face, manage, and embrace their dyslexia. She aims to make people aware of how dyslexia affects a person's entire life, rather than just his or her academic career. She currently resides in Northern California and continues to speak on dyslexia.

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***Sunday, June 22nd, 2-4pm***

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