Saturday, June 20, 2015

"A Guided Tour of the Central San Francisco Bay" Book Event with Author Jason Lee Funk, June 27th at Florey's!

Florey's Books welcomes local author Jason Lee Funk as he discusses his new book, "A Guided Tour of the Central San Francisco Bay".

***Saturday, June 27th, 2-4pm***

About the Book:

This book is written from the point of view of someone who is sailing on the Bay and
looking over the water at a landmark, but you don't have to be a sailor, or even on the
water, to enjoy this book. The stories are just as entertaining and interesting for a
"landlubber" as they are for a sailor. In fact, one of the things you can do if you are
traveling around the Bay is take this book with you. When you arrive at one of the
landmarks I have written about, open the book to that section and let me share with
you what I have learned about the landmark you are visiting. This book is especially
organized to be used that way. On the next page is a map with numbered markers for
various landmarks. These markers will take you to a chapter that talks about that place
on the map.

So, whether you are sailing or walking or just relaxing at home, enjoy this guided tour
of the central San Francisco Bay.

About the Author:

Like many boys and some men, I have always had a certain fascination with the sea
and sailing. Of course, most boys have daydreams about pirates and the old three
masted square-rigged sailing ships we see in the movies, but to me sailboats also had
an allure of fun and adventure. Several years ago I finally decided to pursue my dream
and, on the advice of one of my friends, visited a military yacht club that gave
inexpensive sailing lessons. I took the basic course. Then I returned for an
intermediate course. Then I took yet another course. Next thing I knew I was sailing
the club's boats as an able crew member. I had learned how to sail and was "living the
dream", as they say, sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

So began my amateur research into the history and facts of things around the central
Bay. This was sort of like falling down the rabbit hole, because as soon as I learned
one thing, it made me curious about another. And so I started collecting in my mind a
small file of facts and figures. One of the more interesting things about studying history
is not so much learning about what you did not know, but learning about what you
thought you knew but really didn't. As someone who has lived in the Bay area for
several years I, like many others that live here, had "learned" many stories about the
area by word of mouth. In my research I discovered some of those stories were either
not completely accurate or were just plain wrong. So, even if you have lived in the Bay
area all your life, you can still learn something new.


We hope to see you!

***Saturday, June 27th, 2pm-4pm***


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