Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 2018 Poerty at Florey's

Florey's Books invites you to our ongoing poetry event!

***Saturday, April 28th, 7:30-9:30pm***

The featured poets this month are Patrice Haan and Sherri Rose-Walker.

From Sherri:

Dear Community of Poets and Those Who Love Poetry,

We have entered the days of National Poetry Month! I hope you will be reading, writing and listening to poetry all month long, and reciting it at the slightest provocation! It's a wonderful time to surprise your partner, your kids, your neighbors, or the grocery clerk with some poetic moments.

And if you have any time left over, I'd like to invite you to join Aaron and me for this month's evening of poetry at Florey's Book Company. Patrice Haan, Celtic harper, singer, song writer and poet, and I, will be your features, celebrating the poetics of language and of sound. We'll also give a nod to Shakespeare's birthday (the 23rd, as near as can be surmised), so if you have anything inspired by or celebrating the Bard, do bring it along. As always, I also invite you to bring your own work to share at open mic (3 minutes, please), and ask you to bring drinks or snacks for the table, if you can.

About the featured poets:


Patrice Haan (Oakland CA) is a harper, singer, songwriter, composer and wordsmith, devoted to the healing presence of listening.

More and more I turn to poetry and lyrics as a source of comfort, of discovery, of deep communication. I’m interested in words that don’t sell but compel, that don’t repress but reveal, that don’t slight but invite. I’m interested in mystery, beauty, playfulness, grief, longing, and outrage – the whole megilah.

I love that language breathes when it is read or recited. Like life, like singing, we enter experience by breath.

And I love that poetry and lyrics require and invite listening. It is my conviction that listening will save us.

I’ve been writing all my life and actively composing for over 20 years. In recent years, because of my increased dedication to songwriting, I decided to use harp to add a new dimension to my poetry.

I have had poems published in San Francisco Peace & Hope, We’Moon, North Coast Literary Review. I am so honoured to return to Florey’s Books Poetry Series.

Visit Patrice’s sites at, and


Sherri Rose-Walker is a life-long poet who wrote her first poem at the age of seven. Her poetry is principally concerned with deepening the inner life of the Feminine, and seasons of the soul. Her work has been published in the We'Moon datebook and wall calendars (most recently 2018), Bay Area Poet's Seasonal Review, San Francisco Peace and Hope, Poetalk, and Marin Poetry Center Anthologies, among others, and her chapbooks Two Trees and Celtic Ray. Three of her poems have been made into songs by the San Francisco ensemble, Devi Vaani ( She was featured in an online series by Jean Bartlett (,and hosts a monthly poetry reading in Pacifica ( She can be reached at

We hope to see you!

Poetry at Florey's:

***Saturday, April 28th, 7:30-9:30pm***

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