Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 2018 Poetry at Florey's.

Florey's Books invites you to the final instance of our poetry series.

***Saturday, October 27th, 7:30-9:30pm***

The featured poets this month are Wendy Wolters and Dan Brady.

From Sherri:

Dear Poets and Lovers of Poetry,

The time has arrived to announce the final reading in the Poetry at Florey's reading series. For our grand finale, Aaron and I will welcome San Francisco poets Dan Brady and Wendy Wolters, whose vision and inspiration will be a wonderful way to end our seven years, sharing the good news of poetry, that have been so richly rewarding.

I hope you will consider joining us to hear Wendy and Dan's good news, to share your own at open mic (3 minutes, please), and to say goodbye. Feasting and celebrating with poets is surely among life's great pleasures! If you are able to, contributions of food and beverages for the table would be especially appreciated.

About the featured poets:


During my childhood I had many fulfilling sensory experiences being outdoors in nature. There came about a deep sense of awe toward life during those years, and that feeling of wonderment is still easily kindled within me to this day. The combination of having had all those experiences, along with participation in plays which my mother directed - involving my siblings and I and some of our friends – planted the seeds underlying an eventual passion for reading aloud.

I remember a particular book of poems that I cherished reading early on, and later had an opportunity in high school to explore creative writing. It was when I moved to San Francisco in my early 30s and began to take part in open mic readings, that I more fully realized the satisfaction of expressing in words what moves my soul.

It has been my interest in learning about diverse philosophies, since I was a young adult, that’s led to an abiding sense of connection between the outer physical world and an inner world of imagination and possibility. Inspiration often moves my thoughts and curiosities about life into the realm of the heart, and its vast reservoir of feeling. I write as a means of expressing something that I find myself appreciating at a core level, am drawn to the power of hope, and much of my work is influenced by a belief in the uniqueness yet oneness of all life.

It is my joy and gratitude to share my poetry here at Florey’s, and to have been able to read and feature, as well, at Sacred Grounds and La Promenade in San Francisco, and in East Bay for the Alameda Island Poets.


I love writing; it’s great fun, good for the heart, mind and health. I’m fascinated by how words fit together, chime, rhyme and flow from one to the next. I write because I cannot be silent; how could one be in this world? I’ve a theory: the right set of words, presented in the right setting is one of the ways civilization evolves. I ever improve my craft and seek such words so, should the opportunity arise, I’ll present that which may transform my life and or the lives of others. Poetry explores of the formless as it becomes form; it is the art of channeling creation, making sense of what is beyond sense, and a calling as eternal as any answer.

When inspiration comes, I take dictation but poems take minutes or years to settle into shape.

Honored by small press publication and in contests, I’m in the Poet’s Eleven Series and S.F. Peace and Hope’s anthology. I’ve ties with the Bay Area Poet’s Coalition, the Haiku Poets of Northern California, led workshops, featured at venues in and around San Francisco and support the poetry community with an online open mic calendar. I curate the series at Sacred Grounds, known for Good food and fine poetry since 1972

Three of my books Orphan City, (i)n((s(i)gh)t) to;(r(io)t), and Haiku: Infolded Meaning are poetry collections.

We hope to see you!

Poetry at Florey's:

***Saturday, October 27th, 7:30-9:30pm***

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