Sunday, March 29, 2020

April 2020 at Florey's, direct-to-home ordering.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has called, emailed, or ordered from us during the current situation. The support has been very generous and appreciated. I am feeling more optimistic about the future of the store. Together we can make it through this.

Since it appears that we will still not be open for regular shopping for some time to come, due to the shelter-in-place order, I wanted to update everyone on what we plan to do at Florey's and direct-to-home ordering.

Florey's is very important to me, and I am going to try make it through the current situation, like many other small businesses. Obviously, we will have none of our regular or special events at the store for the time being. I want to be back to regular shop business just like everyone else, but we all have to do our part to stay healthy.

As for ordering books from Florey's during the lockdown, we have begun offering a direct-to-home shipping program (details below). I have heard from several customers that are disappointed by the (so far) slow delivery of these orders. I truly apologize. My book wholesaler that offered this, Ingram Book Distributors, has been swamped with these individual orders. They and I are working out ways to try and get any future direct-to-home shipments to you in a more timely manner. Again, my sincerest apologies for all those who feel let down by Florey's in this situation. We are working to improve this, and ask for your patience.

Since the store is closed to in-person shopping, and it is honestly a bit depressing to sit in an empty store all day, I am not at the store our full usual hours every day. Currently, I am coming in every day to answer emails, phone messages, water the plants, etc. That said, I come in at 10am and stay until usually 2 or 3pm. So please bear with me if I am not here in the later afternoon. Please feel free to leave a message or call the following day.

Here are the details for ordering direct-to-home:

First, I ask that you DO NOT include any payment info in your email or phone messages in the interest of data security.
Also, there is a small shipping charge, depending on order size, it is usually between $3 and $7, depending on weight.

1. Contact us with the title you are interested in via phone or email. Please remember to include your phone number!

2. I will get back to you with availability, and to work out payment and shipping address.

3. The order will be placed, and will ship directly from my supplier to your house.

Contact us here: (650) 355-8811


Thank you again to every one who has reached out, called, emailed, or ordered from us. It has meant a lot to me.
Stay home, stay safe, and stay well!

Aaron Schlieve
Florey's Book Co.
2120 Palmetto Ave.
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 355-8811