Friday, August 02, 2013

"The Captain and Mr. Shrode" Book Event with Author Tony Johnson, Saturday August 10th, 2-4pm!

Florey's Books welcomes author Tony Johnson as he discusses his book
"The Captain and Mr. Shrode".

***Saturday, August 10th, 2:00-4:00pm***

About the Book and Author:

During their two-and-a-half-year circumnavigation aboard the sloop Maverick, Tony Johnson and Terry Shrode survived a number of harrowing engagements with the forces of nature. In Tahiti, a midnight gale caused Maverick to fetch up on a dangerous coral reef. In Indonesia, faulty navigational charts, heavy winds and high seas led the crew to run the boat aground. And thirty miles from a safe landfall after a twenty-one day Atlantic crossing, water in the bilge triggered the discovery that the hull had begun to tear itself apart. Only a heroic effort by the skipper and first mate kept them from sinking within sight of land.

Along with tales of adventure, the Captain's chronicle contains accounts of natural wonders including orangutans in the wild, observed on a dreamlike jungle excursion up the Kumai River in Borneo, and the nighttime Arabian Sea glowing ghostly white from horizon to horizon, the result of a rare bloom of phosphorescent plankton.

Woven through the journal are revealing and sometimes surreal encounters with a host of fascinating characters including native guides, fellow cruisers, and would-be pirates. These cross-cultural experiences assume added poignancy in the period following the World Trade Center attack, when, despite the warnings of family and friends, Tony and Terry decide to carry on with their voyage through the heart of the Islamic world and fly the American flag.

Sections on Odysseus, Drake, Columbus, Plato, Socrates, bullfighting in Spain, Mediterranean geology, and Junior Walker and the All-Stars ensure that the book will satisfy the reader's wanderlust for cultural and intellectual, as well as nautical, adventure.

We hope to see you!

***Saturday, August 10th, 2:00-4:00pm***

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