Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pacifica Culture Club! Discussion Topic: Changing Views of Gender Roles, August 26th at Florey's!

Florey's welcomes you to our culture discussion club!

***Wednesday, August 26th, 7:30pm-9pm***

Join Culture Club! A monthly social discussion of social issues at a local independent bookstore in Pacifica. Get to know neighbors, express your opinions and learn more about topics that matter. Every month I encourage those attending to do some self-guided "research" whether that be watching relevant movies, attending events, reading books, articles or watching informative videos. It's all fair game, whatever you see fit, and then bring what you found/learned to the group to discuss.

The topic of discussion this month is: The Changing Views of Gender Roles. How do attitudes to gender roles impact us? Whether it is employment, household duties, or even how we interact with others, do societal expectations effect your behavior? In what ways are general attitudes towards gender roles changing or staying the same? Join us and discuss these and other related topics.


We hope to see you!

Pacifica Culture Club
***Wednesday, August 26th, 7:30-9:00pm***


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