Saturday, October 10, 2015

Past Life Group Regression with Gina Nissinoff, Oct. 14th at Florey's!

Florey's Book Co. invites you to past life group regression, with group leader Gina Nissinoff.

***Wednesday, October 14th, 7-8pm***

--Please note that Ms. Nissinoff requests a fee of $20 for this session.--

About the event:

From Gina-

Why would someone be interested in a Past Life Regression? Often people
who have questions such as "Why is there this intense connection between
this person and myself? I feel like I've know them all my life but we just
met". Or people experiences deja vu when visiting another country,
experiencing the sensation that they have been there before. Another
example that we are hearing a lot about is "I was born in the wrong body".
A past life regression can give a deeper insight on some of the questions,
concerns, relationship dynamics and give deeper understanding on how these
pertain to your journey now.

How it works is you are taken into a light trance state using a guided
visualization. Then in trance you will be guided to the life that is most
relevant to this life where you can explore all facets of that life.
Most people have some profound experiences, so if you are interested please
join us.

For more information on Gina and her work, visit:

We hope to see you!

***Wednesday, October 14th, 7-8pm***


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